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Which Surface Type is Best For Your Needs?

We can custom fabricate any stone type to even the most intricate of shapes. Countertops, vanity tops, bar and furniture tops, and more and offer a huge selection of natural stone and quartz surfaces to choose from including....


Granite If you follow kitchen and bath design trends, then you are probably already aware that one of the most talked about products on the market today is natural stone countertops, particularly, granite countertops. Granite is a first choice for kitchen countertops, outdoor kitchen counters and more, not just because it is beautiful, but it is one of the hardest substances on earth and stands up to the uses and abuses of kitchens... [view colors] 

Marble This beautiful stone is a staple of traditional and period designs. Few materials can compare to marble when it comes to sheer elegance. Marble is not as hard as granite, but when maintained properly, offers a timeless beauty with a white brightness not available in granite or soapstone, and is available in a variety of colors and unique veining. Marble is an excellent choice for bathroom vanities, table tops, warm and inviting fireplace surrounds, and, for people who like to bake, it can be a great choice as a small section of a kitchen... [view colors]

Onyx Onyx is a sedimentary stone that has a velvety-smooth appearance. Available in a variety of gem-like colors, onyx is valued for its unique appearance and dramatic appeal. Onyx provides a sleek and modern look to any living area or workspace, and for someone who is looking for a distinctively different design option, it is a great alternative to granite, marble, and other more popular stone surfaces. If you want to really set your home apart, add onyx. This rare stone has unique veining with contrasting colors that brightens up any room like a work of art. Backlit onyx is simply breathtaking.

Soapstone Soapstone is a countertop material that is often overlooked. While it is not for everyone or for every design, it possesses several advantages that make it a viable competitor to other countertop materials such as granite, laminates, and solid surfaces. Soapstone is composed primarily of talc, silicate, chlorite and magnesium. The talc in the stone makes it soft to the touch while the other minerals add strength and durability. It is chemically inert, resists heat and durable. Soapstone is nonporous, which makes it stain-resistant and limits the ability of microbes to penetrate the surface. These qualities, combined with its natural beauty and ease of care, make it the countertop of choice for many gourmet chefs and kitchen designers.


Quartz surfaces are engineered stone surfaces made up of ground quartz, binders and pigments. When they first came on the market, they did not look much like natural stone, but with advances in techniques and technology, many varieties have become more difficult to distinguish from natural stone surfaces, offering wider choices in a range of prices to fit different budgets. There are many companies offering quartz surfaces, these are the ones we recommend and carry.

Silestone Silestone is natural quartz created for today’s homes. Utilizing a revolutionary process, Silestone offers you over 60 colors, exceptional textures and variety of finishes. Also, multi-dimensional functionality makes Silestone® quartz a cleaner, safer surface for your home. Silestone offers the unique combination of built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection, National Sanitation Foundation certification and GREENGUARD indoor air quality certification. Microban protection inhibits the growth of microbes such as odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Caesarstone With over 40 innovative colors and textures Caesarstone consistently provides a premium quartz surface with remarkable style and endurance – complementing any design application, from classic to contemporary. Nonporous, stain, scratch and heat resistant and backed by a residential lifetime warranty, Caesarstone is the ideal surface for kitchens, vanities and more.